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Drita is one of the only few I can ever say who is a true and gifted psychic. They say don’t believe all prophets bc some are fake. I think over the time I’ve read with psychics I’ve discovered the ones who are correct mostly but some things they miss. Well, Drita doesn’t miss. And…

Nailed it!

  Drita totally NAILED a contact timeframe!!!! She’s really good…blunt, funny, supportive, not money hungry at all…i really like her!!!  lost167


  I keep coming back to Drita bc she’s basically always accurate. I mean she has been exact on things to the point where I am just like….. how  mintchocolatechip1155

so is she accurate? Hmm hell yeah!!!!!

Read with Drita on 03/23 and she said I’d hear from my poi by midnight the following day and I’d see him within 7 days..now I had t seen him since June of last year and I read with drita back in December and said within 4 months we would be back on track..anyways I…

Pure Heart.

When someone has a pure heart like hers the ability to see and understand what is going on around her client also comes from a pure place. That is what kind of reading you should seek. One of unconditional truth. She will give you this!!  sassysacha

Drita was dead accurate on a prediction

Drita was dead accurate on a prediction I really didn’t believe would happen. she even said 10 days specifically and at the time I didn’t know why she had that number but that person ended up telling me they had blocked me for 10 days and then unblocked me and she did say “in 10…

Repeating client.

Repeating client…I read with her back in December and haven’t had a chance to let her know the reading she predicted happened and today I came to her for something different about my dog and she was able to get him down…down to his tummy issues. She’s been great! Came back to say my dog…

Always on point.

Excellent as always! I am amazed by my readings with Drita. Always on point. Always on the nose. And very funny, too!  crockarc


  Wow !! She is amazing !! She gave me such accurate information !! Really tuned in .. totally talented !! Highly recommend ❤️❤️  catlove812


Awesome in-depth reading connected to my point of interest and describe what was actually happening in the moment things that have happened and I look forward to the predictions given and a conformation I’m on the right path  nikki1678