Getting a Great Reading

The best way to get a good reading is to be open to the truth and allow information to help you in what you seek. Choosing to have any type of reading shows a need for information that will either calm, heal, or help you to make good choices. What is the aim of your reading? When you know that you are in a great position to let me know what is important so I can do my job as effectively as possible.

One of the more common mistakes is to give too much information, it directs the reader and even a great intuitive can’t help but be influenced by that. Saying nothing and being difficult isn’t great either, a good reader will still get you information, but you rob yourself of an opportunity to take a good reading and make it great. There is a difference between a reader asking you a leading question, “Why am I getting doughnuts?”, to an intuitive saying, ” I am smelling doughnuts, and maybe with pink icing. I get the impression there is a shop just down the road. Does this make sense to you?” The first asks you to give information about one word which may be a correct word but truly isn’t much. The second gives you clear information and the reader needs to know whether to keep going in that direction.

If you ask for something fairly specific, in a love reading for example, it works better for you if y

Mediumship: First and foremost being a physical medium can be serious business. Finding lost items, talking to those who you love and lost can go a long way to resolving deeply held grief while also being able to help you move forward on your way to healing. We may not be able to truly forget a loss, especially when it is a child, but we can live and be whole honouring the joy of their life and their connection to us. Having lost my younger sister when she was young, I have personal experience with inconsolable grief and have made it a mission in life to help others to find some peace.

Aura Reading: I have been working with auras for a number of years and really do love seeing the colours that surround you. This type of reading assists you in knowing yourself well enough to make changes in areas that may be causing you damage, either to health and well being or relationships and career. Knowing how you affect the world around you can be a real eye opener, learning that there is nothing inside you that deserves anything less than the best can build confidence and quite literally change your life.

Angel Card Readings: A lovely way to gain short term insights, or to understand another. These beautiful readings offer you a deeper understanding of current situations and offer guidance from angels, masters and loved ones.

Energy Therapy: Drita is a committed therapist who has trained fully to become a Reiki Master and learned advanced healing techniques to help you resolve blocks, soul damage, physical issues and much more. Healing is a calming and regenerating experience and hugely underestimated in its ability to shift body issues and reduce pain for significant periods of time.

Spiritual Development: If you are seeking to develop spiritually, I can help by connecting with your guides, the angels and those who assist in discovering your higher self and intuitive development!