Drita’s Services

With any of the sessions you may find Drita using a number of different skills in tandem; She will seek to ease any discomfort or pain as she talks to you, sharing skills developed over many years for the specific purpose of helping others in times of difficulty. Click any image to buy that service.

Yearning to communicate?

Mediumship: First and foremost being a physical medium can be serious business. Finding lost items, talking to those who you love and lost can go a long way to resolving deeply held grief while also being able to help you move forward on your way to healing. We may not be able to truly forget a loss, especially when it is a child, but we can live and be whole honouring the joy of their life and their connection to us.

Having lost my younger sister when she was young, I have personal experience with inconsolable grief and have made it a mission in life to help others to find some peace. Making a connection to someone who has passed has so many positive consequences, in fact too many to name. When you are struggling to find a reason for living it can give you one. It is more than proving life after death, it is showing an ongoing connection between two souls that goes beyond life. I have seen many clients go out my door looking as if a weight has been lifted from their shoulders, it can be a rejuvenating experience that will affect your every single day.

Energy Therapy: Drita has studied energy and auras for many years. As a Reiki Master she has helped many to overcome physical ailments and emotional trauma. Using energy is a standard in any reading to help clients express themselves, release pain and repair the body. Chakra balancing and relating emotions to physical states of being has astounded clients many times.

It is also a stand alone therapy that has incalculable benefits for relieving physical pain, stress, uplifting moods, improving sleep, recovery after surgery or injury, speedy recuperation after illness and helping the aged to feel more limber and energetic. We forget how traumatic some experiences are, car accidents or wild weather can create insecurities that we barely recognize as stress or even depression. After any major incident there can be a loss of one’s mojo, energy therapy can bring you back to life faster and more efficiently than any amount of psychology can.

Angel Card Readings: These are a wonderful and fun way to get messages from your guides and angels. There is something special about knowing and angel has taken special time just for you. Getting information in this way usually relates to life situations and how you are responding, or need to respond, to them. You can ask questions or let the guidance take over and receive heart based messages.

It is always a good time to hear from those who care about your well being and to confirm what you know or reveal what you do not. Angel guidance always goes that little bit further, encouraging you to become your best and happiest self. These are great for those day to day life questions about love, career, home, family and finances.

Aura Reading: Your fabulous self revealed through colour. This is all about you, in the present, the past and the future. This is the ultimate in knowing who you are, what you attract and why. There is no limit to the amount of understanding gained from a good aura reader, and Drita is one. This isn’t about being told you have blue or red around you. This is about where, when, what, how and why.

Your future is quite literally dictated by you today. You can’t plan to be different, you can only understand what is at the base of your manifestations, what your strengths are and how to use them. Creating a wonderful life is something we are told we can all do, how sometimes eludes us because we don’t understand ourselves and what works best for us. Aura readings are not just informative they are fun and exciting. Who doesn’t want to be told they radiate a stunning beautiful energy.. everyone does you know.