Reiki Attunements

Drita has spent years developing her abilities and knowledge in the area of healing. In doing so she has a lot to share as a Reiki Master Teacher. Book in for an amazing Energy Healing Session with her and be wowed! Choose a thirty minute session for an energy tune up, help with sleep issues, surgery/injury recovery and much more. Many clients have mentioned feeling more relaxed, sleeping better and being generally happier after sessions which makes it great during times of stress even if you don’t have body issues you want to resolve.

Reiki Healing Sessions

Reiki Attunements are an amazing way to develop spiritually, psychically, and initiate personal healing on all levels. Each level takes you to a greater capacity to receive and share energy. Drita has attuned and developed in many modalities to bring you the highest quality programs in person and online. For those wishing to take a more professional approach to a healing practices, Drita assures you that you will learn what you need to learn, How to conduct sessions, how to diagnose and develop chakras to ensure your energy practice is successful. All attunement levels attain certification

Each Attunement has a single focus Reiki I starts with the process of aligning to the Reiki frequency, opening chakras and initiating self healing. Symbols are a part of the expansion process and a lovely way to be confident in channeling healing energy . Reiki II Is a bit more advanced expanding your energy centres and knowledge to share energy freely with others, including your family and pets.

At this point you could start to develop an energy practice by undertaking case studies to gain experience making you eligible for Master level certification and attunement. This allows you to attune others to Reiki 1 & 2 with confidence and clear ability, With a Master Level gained with Drita your clients can trust that you have earned your certification and have the genuine experience to help through times of difficulty.

Teacher level attunements are a Diploma Certification. According to the qualifications authority a Diploma is earned by showing a high degree of competency and experience in the area of training. This attainment requires all the previous attunements and expand on your knowledge fully to place you in a position to be able to share your knowledge and training with others who wish to expand into the profession. Using a wealth of information to ensure your energy practice is complete and professional. This goes beyond the idea of attunements meaning you are equipped to assist others in their energetic journey by exceptional training you to assure your clients and students can have the utmost confidence in your abilities. You can inspire others to greater levels of attainment by being a shining example in practice of Reiki as profession.

Reiki Attunements
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