Pet Therapy

Connect with your pet, living or passed with Drita

Cats, dogs, horses or any pet you have can be read. Drita reads auras and can see visions and sense what is going on or needs to be communicated. Why get a pet reading? To bond more effectively, identify and find solutions to health issues or behaviours. Animals respond well to energy therapy and you will notice improvements very quickly.

Mediumship helps you connect with pets who have passed to reassure you and help you move past grief if necessary. It is amazing to discover that pets are still connected with their loved ones just as our human families are.

$50 30 minutes
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30 minutes ($50) live reading online (bring your pet) or via email for an in depth aura reading and diagnosis. All therapies and readings of pets. Aura Reading, Distant healing, health and well being, Emotional issues, Psychological problems and behaviour.

Quickie email reading ($20): Ask your questions and get a detailed answer via email. any pet questions answered. Click here to buy now