Healing Moments

Often you will be advised to go to the sea/water, get grounded by taking your shoes off (uh uh, not in a Canadian winter) or to meditate. These are all good advice, but you don’t have to waste your precious recreation time in a car, or even spend an hour or more doing these things. it is far better to take small amounts of time often to ‘feel’ , see and hear nature. Listen to music that offers natures sounds and you will be able to close your eyes for a moment and be there. Join me as I wander the beaches offering grounding and breathing exercises to the sound and view of the ocean, or walk along a path in a wooded paradise.

In a harsh or tiring time there is nothing like catching these moments helps you feel rejuvenated. When you are overthinking things or can’t find a solution to a problem, often a few minutes time out, lets the answer come through.