Aura Reading

Aura Reading: Your fabulous self revealed through colour. This is all about you, in the present, the past and the future. This is the ultimate in knowing who you are, what you attract and why. There is no limit to the amount of understanding gained from a good aura reader, and Drita is one. This isn’t about being told you have blue or red around you. This is about where, when, what, how and why.

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Your future is quite literally dictated by you today. You can’t plan to be different, you can only understand what is at the base of your manifestations, what your strengths are and how to use them. Creating a wonderful life is something we are told we can all do, how sometimes eludes us because we don’t understand ourselves and what works best for us. Aura readings are not just informative they are fun and exciting. Who doesn’t want to be told they radiate a stunning beautiful energy.. everyone does you know.

Drita has Qualfied as an Aura Reading Technician which involves 3 stages and 18 classes with certification at each stage to gain technicial status completing this in 2021 with 12 months of training and experience and being put through her paces to earn her qualification. This brings forward the ability to read time frames accurately, see potential, current and past health issues and emotional states. This is a skill that is rare in the world and Drita has proven competency which makes her one of the best Aura Readers in the world.

Aura imaging by Dorothy

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