Mediumship: First and foremost being a physical medium can be serious business. Finding lost items, talking to those who you loved can go a long way to resolving deeply held grief while also being able to help you move forward on your way to healing. We may not be able to truly forget a loss, especially when it is a child, but we can live and be whole honouring the joy of their life and their connection to us.

Having lost my younger sister when she was young, I have personal experience with inconsolable grief and have made it a mission in life to help others to find some peace. Making a connection to someone who has passed has so many positive consequences, in fact too many to name. When you are struggling to find a reason for living it can give you one. It is more than proving life after death, it is showing an ongoing connection between two souls that goes beyond life. I have seen many clients go out my door looking as if a weight has been lifted from their shoulders, it can be a rejuvenating experience that will affect your every single day.

Guidance through the grief process is a specialist area of mediumship but more than that, Drita has the ability to bring quality messages through in a genuine way that brings more than comfort but also helps heal the pain that accompanies loss.

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