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Energy Therapy: Drita has studied energy and auras for many years. As a Reiki Master she has helped many to overcome physical ailments and emotional trauma. Using energy is a standard in any reading to help clients express themselves, release pain and repair the body. Chakra balancing and relating emotions to physical states of being has astounded clients many times.

It is also a stand alone therapy that has incalculable benefits for relieving physical pain, stress, uplifting moods, improving sleep, recovery after surgery or injury, speedy recuperation after illness and helping the aged to feel more limber and energetic. We forget how traumatic some experiences are, car accidents or wild weather can create insecurities that we barely recognize as stress or even depression. After any major incident there can be a loss of one’s mojo, energy therapy can bring you back to life faster and more efficiently than any amount of psychology can.

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She has added SKHM (Seichim) to her abilities in 2021 with a level II certification, this ancient art of Egyptian healing offers a completely different vibrational experience for the recipient. A cool and pervasive energy that works both emotionally and physically the differences are usually felt keenly by those who are used to reiki alone.

She has studied the Vibrational Expansion Technique of energy therapy to add to her knowledge and experience and qualified as an Aura Reading Technician to enable direct diagnostic abilities which make her healing sessions second to none in Canada and one of the best trained energy practitioners in the world. This technique creates a deep and life altering body centred healing which makes it particularly valuable for those with chronic or painful disorders. Where there is no orthodox treatment or relief this is definitely worth exploring for fast and long term results. Where surgeries or other therapies are in play Energy Therapy can help speed up the healing process.

Any and all of the above techniques are both peaceful and deeply satisfying for the recipient, they can aid with grief, depression, anxiety and wayward emotional states along with physical relief and healing of the spirit.

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