About Me


I was born in Albania, in a small remote village.  My name, Drita, translates to “Light” which has turned out to be prophetic. 

I left Albania during a difficult time for our country and found myself with a refugee status waiting for a country to accept me while in my early 20’s. I am very fortunate to have been welcomed into Canada where I spent my first years working hard to be part of my adopted country. It is here that I met my partner and together we have five children. Over time as relationships do I found myself a solo mother needing to support my kids by working full time as a cleaner while at the same time developing my spiritual side. 

I started learning as a Reiki Practitioner, moving on to learn a broad range of techniques that took me well beyond into light frequencies in relation to the body and healing. This added training helped me to develop skills in seeing aura, but it didn’t stop there. With a love for cards I would go to psychic fairs and for a time had a site in city centre market, where after working during the week, I would go and do readings over the weekend. The experience was invaluable but even then I had nagging thoughts and impressions that were the tinkling of those who have passed, angel guides and many more who helped me to develop but also shared information and knowledge with my clients. 

My sister had died very young, there had always been that connection to her and a strong pull any time someone close to me left this life. There was a point where it became more than goosebumps, sadness or unexplained feelings, the area of mediumship was continually becoming stronger and more physical the more I worked with others. It didn’t matter if it was a card or energy therapy session, those who had passed would make their presence felt and I was compelled to share their message. 

Now that the majority of the birds have left the nest I am driven to  to truly focus on my passions of mediumship, healing and readings. There is no comparison in any work that I have done for that wonderful sense of knowing you helped someone get out of a rut. This was bought home to me after working with a woman who lost her child. At the end of the session, just before she left, she said ” You have given me a reason not to kill myself.” 

Below are a few videos showing Energy work at my site in a Halifax market.