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Life Coaching or Mentoring require life experience, maturity and an understanding of process. Drita has all in spades her life experience including healing many aspects that were and are daunting for those are fully in the experience. Guidance with empathy and a focus on solutions can help others move quickly through life’s challenges, the idea of living is after all meant to be enjoyable.


Learning to trust yourself is the result of knowing yourself and that often requires a little assistance and an objective perspective. Taking emotions, habits and thoughts that are confusing and bringing order to the chaos is the basis for successful conclusions or at least finding the most direct pathway to the best outcomes in any current or future situation.

Spiritual mentoring is a valuable resource in personal development and using the experience of those who have already journeyed the path you wish to travel can provide shortcuts to enlightenment. The student that seeks out a teacher could do no better than to allow Drita to be a part of their lifes quest. Both roles of life coach and spiritual mentor offer identification of issues, the benefit of an impartial observer and new perspectives that aid the seeker in discovering their own power in life and relationships.

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The mountain Drita climbed when she decided to start a new life. A simple dream turned into challenges she couldn’t imagine

Often the journey’s we embark on provide challenges that leave us feeling alone and call on us for resilience and fortitude. During a period of ethnic cleansing and communism in her home country of Albania Drita simply stood up and left one day. The decision led to many new challenges and uncertainty, what began as a very long walk in her mind, became years of being kept in a refugee camp, forming what could only be temporary relationships and over time a sense that she would never find a home.

During this period there were many times when Drita wondered if she had made the right choice, or if she would ever find a home. With no contact with her family she also had no idea what was going on at home, all she knew was that she wanted a new life. The adventure and obstacles could only be dealt with as they came along. She is grateful today to live in Canada and having done so for over 25 years, creating a family and met the challenges of learning english, navigating relationships and a new country she is in a unique position to help others through their own challenges so that they may enjoy their lives with the help and assistance emotionally and through difficulties that she herself didn’t have.