Tarot Readings

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Drita has studied tarot and developed an amazing ability to read cards effectively. She uses a variety of decks and has mastered the art of interpretation and accuracy. Tarot cards are fun but can be much more than entertainment for serious queries and situations.

She has an incredible collection of oracle and tarot decks which in person or online means she can intuit the best deck to suit your needs or personality or you can choose a deck of your own preference adding an energetic connection even via email questions. Tarot readings are exciting and visually satisfying creating their own atmosphere engaging special interactions between the reader and the querant.


What is going this week and where should you focus 🧘‍♀️ your energy?

♬ original sound – Drita Marshall

What type of deck do you prefer? Drita works with the Victorian Tarot, Dark Rose Divination Deck (her favourite), Lenormand Tarot, Angel Cards, Goddess decks and many more. She can be found in Halifax selling and reading cards at psychic fairs or you can book a session in her home office, via email or a live online call. Book today drita@dritamarshall.com or click a pay link for an online session.