What is a Physical Medium? In the 1800’s this was the most popular form of mediumship, the medium doesn’t just sense information but feels it within their own body. Drita has physical responses including, pain or discomfort that direct her to help connect you with a lost loved one. These connections are so real, that you will feel as if you are in the room receiving direct messages from the person you are seeking. This is an awesome experience and one that you will never forget.

The Sacred Rose represents the fruit of the soul, that very essence that is in all of us and recognized over distance and across the veil. It is the most profound connection we can having with anyone, living or not, and it is this that forms an unbreakable bond over the ages. Whether you want to connect to a living soul who has moved on or whether you need a post life contact, choose mediumship as your service. Live in person, via skype or email, connections can be made, Click the service that suits you best and you will be happy you did. 

Drita’s Reviews

I’ve had a life changing experience with Drita Marshall I was in a car crash… Read more “Drita’s Reviews”

Ismet; Germany

Life Changing

Talk about being yanked out of the jaws of worthlessness and misery, by a beautiful… Read more “Life Changing”

Barton Baker NS

Amazing Experience

My experience with Drita was amazing. It was a new beginning for me. She helped,… Read more “Amazing Experience”

Helen LaPrise NS

A True Inspiration

I first came across Drita on facebook through a mutual friend, and I will forever… Read more “A True Inspiration”

Mila. Canada

Incredibly Grateful

I’m so incredibly grateful that I got to speak to Drita! She’s a kind soul… Read more “Incredibly Grateful”



  Her prediction came true in less than a week. Awesome. Really… Read more “Awesome!”



  Hello there! Thanks so much for the tarot card reading, Drita. Absolutely, I have… Read more “Excellent”

Connecting with your loved once!

  So many tears during this reading,. I haven’t been on this site for some… Read more “Connecting with your loved once!”

Serious Talent

Serious Talent. Gifted she knew a specific body part of mine that was in pain,… Read more “Serious Talent”

Tea Leaf Reading

Michelle Ve Author Yes, yes, yes – I’ve been working on something for a while.… Read more “Tea Leaf Reading”


  She puts up with me and I am not easy to read for due… Read more “Clairvoyant”


Amazing right from the get go . Clarified some big turning points coming in my… Read more “Mediumship”

She Just knowsssss things!! Mediumship!

  she said my ex would be in touch more by the weekend and he… Read more “She Just knowsssss things!! Mediumship!”

Amazing! Aura Reading!

  If I could put more than excellent I would. Amazingly on point. Knew things… Read more “Amazing! Aura Reading!”

Wow! Psychic Medium!

  Wow! I am blown away! Amazing spirit. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to chat with Drita;… Read more “Wow! Psychic Medium!”

Her predictions on the events have come to pass!! Clairvoyant!

  Drita is marvelous! She always takes my questions and concerns seriously. Her predictions on… Read more “Her predictions on the events have come to pass!! Clairvoyant!”


No Subject / Sans Objet Good morning Drita . It is Gail . I have… Read more “Mediumship”

Thank You!

 bjumelle Thank you “A” and I were grateful to join in with you today. It… Read more “Thank You!”

Guiding Light.

  She has been such a guided light to me on my journey. She helps… Read more “Guiding Light.”

Highly Recommended!!

Very good reading. I like that she very to point and picked up on details.… Read more “Highly Recommended!!”

Readings and Advice!

 flyer1127 I had an amazing reading with her a few days ago and I came… Read more “Readings and Advice!”


 flyer1127 She is by far the best! I can be very annoying due to the… Read more “Patient!!”

Updating you!

hey so just updating you i remember you saying you saw a round beige or… Read more “Updating you!”

Right on the Money

Hi Drita, Thank you. I am very pleased with my reading. You are right on… Read more “Right on the Money”


Awesome in-depth reading connected to my point of interest and describe what was actually happening… Read more “Awesome”


  Wow !! She is amazing !! She gave me such accurate information !! Really… Read more “Wow”

Always on point.

Excellent as always! I am amazed by my readings with Drita. Always on point. Always… Read more “Always on point.”

Repeating client.

Repeating client…I read with her back in December and haven’t had a chance to let… Read more “Repeating client.”

Drita was dead accurate on a prediction

Drita was dead accurate on a prediction I really didn’t believe would happen. she even… Read more “Drita was dead accurate on a prediction”

Pure Heart.

When someone has a pure heart like hers the ability to see and understand what… Read more “Pure Heart.”

so is she accurate? Hmm hell yeah!!!!!

Read with Drita on 03/23 and she said I’d hear from my poi by midnight… Read more “so is she accurate? Hmm hell yeah!!!!!”


  I keep coming back to Drita bc she’s basically always accurate. I mean she… Read more “Accurate…”

Nailed it!

  Drita totally NAILED a contact timeframe!!!! She’s really good…blunt, funny, supportive, not money hungry… Read more “Nailed it!”


Drita is one of the only few I can ever say who is a true… Read more “Gifted!”

Very Accurate.

She is very accurate, very honest! Treat her clients like her family! Thank you for… Read more “Very Accurate.”

Loved once are with you.

Just an FYI. I can absolutely assure you that your loved ones that have passed… Read more “Loved once are with you.”

Drita was Lovely.

Drita was lovely! Her style and approach was very soothing but very honest. Reading flowed… Read more “Drita was Lovely.”

Tuned in..

She gives phenomenal insight and picks up FAST. She is also super tuned in like… Read more “Tuned in..”

Crystal Clear Visions

Some of the most detailed psychic visions I have ever heard from a reader. Not… Read more “Crystal Clear Visions”


ok so here’s the thing. let me just tell y’all about Drita. she predicted my… Read more “predictions”

Remount viewing.

I have had readings with Drita where she picked up on so many random things… Read more “Remount viewing.”

Do you know my address?

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I appreciate your insight, and once again, I’m SHOCKED at what… Read more “Do you know my address?”

Super spy?

 starlite1097 This woman is a super spy. She can see and she knows EVERYTHING. I… Read more “Super spy?”


When Drita gets a vision… pay attention…. because …. it’s going to take place… like… Read more “Visions.”

Clairvoyant Medium.

Sorry I took so long to write this but you saw things past us by… Read more “Clairvoyant Medium.”

Nailed it.

Drita was phenomenal. Nailed my POI to a T and was very detailed and accurate.… Read more “Nailed it.”


Drita is very honest and wonderful to get insights from. She is detailed and generous… Read more “Clarity.”


Drita said she saw 8 in our reading and after no contact from someone for… Read more “Visions,.”


Drita has always been right since I met her on here months ago. Recommend her… Read more “Honesty.”


Very clear and accurate visions. She saw what I’m wearing, where I live and my… Read more “Visions”

How dose she do this??

I She predicted POI and I would get closer and we did in the timeframe… Read more “How dose she do this??”


She is amazing!! At some point, she randomly picked up on my mother who passed… Read more “Mediumship”


I love the fact, excellent ranking * potate1829* that this is all I have to… Read more “Confident,”


I’ve had several readings and I can honestly say, this woman is worth every dollar.… Read more “Amazing!!”

She’s a super spy.

What can I say about Drita that I haven’t already said before. She is ALWAYS… Read more “She’s a super spy.”

Connected with my first seed-my son.

Drita connected me with my first seed- my son. I never got to meet him… Read more “Connected with my first seed-my son.”


She knew my boyfriend’s profession and I just realized all of the visions she had… Read more “Visions”

Prediction pass.

The best on bitwine her gift is unmatched here !! Her predictions pass every single… Read more “Prediction pass.”

. She’s a super spy lol!

What can I say about Drita that I haven’t already said before. She is ALWAYS… Read more “. She’s a super spy lol!”

Major prediction.

Major predictions and updates below! OMG OMG OMG!!!!! THIS WOMAN RIGHT HERE IS THE REAL… Read more “Major prediction.”

Connected with my first seed.

Drita connected me with my first seed- my son. I never got to meet him… Read more “Connected with my first seed.”

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