Loved once are with you.

Just an FYI. I can absolutely assure you that your loved ones that have passed are with you every single day. Giving you signs, protecting you and nurturing you. Need assurances… go see a psychic. Twice I have and both times floored me.

Drita Marshall Psychic Medium Spiritual Teacher. You just can’t imagine what she knows. Like my grandmother came through most of all this time and she spoke of how dad growls at me so much. No way Drita would even know that. And if our loved ones aren’t with us how did my grandmother know that. How in hell would she know about one of my clients I was very close with in Blue Rocks that came through. Whom I have felt so guilty over because when David and I split I up and moved home with out telling her why I didn’t show up anymore. I was her only worker that went. I was in such a bad way I just couldn’t. She came through. Drita even said how she kept looking for me and I never showed up. It’s magical that people can communicate with passed loved ones. I wish I could. I could tell you more and more But I just felt compelled to remind you. They are with you, they are watching and they are sending you little assurances that they are watching out for you🙏🕉❤️

Krista Zwicker

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