Life Changing

Talk about being yanked out of the jaws of worthlessness and misery, by a beautiful angel. Such is my story after meeting Drita. It took a lot of time as I resisted her in such an unbelievable fantasy that I could love myself. Eventually my barriers dropped and I took a chance. Today I can freely share my joy with the world believing I am loved and I am love. My barriers continue to drop as I trust in the process of life. Where Drita gave me a purpose to serve holy spirit as a reiki healer. I’ve been given my own unique view of rock bottom and I now have confidence that I can help uplift others as Drita has done for me. If I rose into a continuous meditation chanting my appreciations it might take a few lift times to express my gratitude towards Drita. Thank you so much Drita, you are an angel to so many of us ❤Barton Baker NS, CANADA