Testimonial Category: Aura Reading

Repeating client.

Repeating client…I read with her back in December and haven’t had a chance to let her know the reading she predicted happened and today I came to her for something different about my dog and she was able to get him down…down to his tummy issues. She’s been great! Came back to say my dog…

Right on the Money

Hi Drita, Thank you. I am very pleased with my reading. You are right on the money. Specifically, my left foot, for sure, is exactly as you have described it. I broke my big toe a few years back, and it now has permanent numbness. However, everything else you have outlined is accurate as well….

Updating you!

hey so just updating you i remember you saying you saw a round beige or white table and tv table, a sky blue couch, big tv, and big eyes. I didn’t realize it until later but it was the new boyfriend you were seeing and it was his apartment. you also felt a pain in…

Readings and Advice!

 flyer1127 I had an amazing reading with her a few days ago and I came back today not for a reading, but just for advise and she delivered. You’re so appreciated Drita!

Thank You!

 bjumelle Thank you “A” and I were grateful to join in with you today. It has been a pleasure. Thank you for your insights on our little bundle of joy.


  She puts up with me and I am not easy to read for due to my anxiety and she is just sooooo accurate. Predictions coming to pass left and right. I go to her because she has a true gift. And she just had such a good healing energy. Such a kind and patient…

Life Changing

Talk about being yanked out of the jaws of worthlessness and misery, by a beautiful angel. Such is my story after meeting Drita. It took a lot of time as I resisted her in such an unbelievable fantasy that I could love myself. Eventually my barriers dropped and I took a chance. Today I can…