Double D Divination

Fortnightly The Double D team share their wisdom and conduct free readings live on air. Speaker’s online radio format means you can listen from anywhere directly from your phone. Mediumship, Aura Readings, Clairvoyance, Crystal Readings, Tarot cards and Oracle card readings, and more! Join us live to ask your questions or satisfy your curiosity. Our live chat means you can ask questions via texting as all shows are recorded you can listen again to your reading or the whole show any time. FREE

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Have you been interested in your own development or just want a look see? This show is a great way to do it. Dorothy & Drita are both full time professional readers with over 40 years experience between them. Dorothy is a New Zealander and Drita is in Nova Scotia Canada giving them a fresh and honest perspective. This is an interesting show where you get to hear and decide for yourself the quality and authenticity of divining through a variety of media. You can look forward to Crystal Scrying, Tarot cards, Oracle cards, Aura Readings and more! Tune in for our forecast on fortunes and emotional energies.


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